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Yucatan Top Five: “Must See” Merida Museums

The architectural beauty of the Palacio Canton is out shined only by the artifacts housed within

Yucatan Compass Consulting’s Diana González is at it again!  This time she looks to share her favorite museums in Yucatan’s largest city and capital- Merida. Every big city in the world has museums.  They are part of the richness of the …

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Yucatan Top Five: Taqueras in Merida

Los Trompos recently opened its newest location in Francisco de Montejo. Click here to visit their site

The following post is part of our “Yucatan Top Five” series where we look to share our favorite things to experience in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.  These posts are written from a local perspective so that new residents have …

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Yucatan Top Five: Beaches

In an effort to highlight the beauty of the Yucatan from a local perspective we have asked Diana Gonzalez, Yucatan Compass Consulting’s Project Manager, to share the top five beach towns that she thinks you should explore.  Diana is a …

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Yucatan Top Five

Whether you have lived in Yucatan, Mexico for years or are new to the area there are likely places to see and things to do that you don’t know about- yet.  We are putting our heads together to identify some …

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