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Great beaches are just one of many reasons people from all over the world now call Yucatan home

It is nice to meet you… Es un placer conocerte… Hach ki’imak in wo’ol in kaholtike

There are many reasons that foreigners and Mexicans from other parts of the country are relocating to the Yucatan Peninsula.  This region of Mexico is experiencing a strong period of growth due to infrastructure investments, a fantastic quality of life for residents and, most importantly, safety.

Yucatan Compass Consulting was created to meet the needs of those looking to be a part of this growth.  The variety of services available and the strength of team members ready to serve clients make Yucatan Compass Consulting a smart choice for support in every step of the relocation and investment process for foreigners.

But there is more to starting a new life in Yucatan than simply logistics.

That is why Yucatan Compass Consulting teamed up with Mark Durgee, an expatriate who moved to the region from Chicago, to develop Yucatan Compass Consulting Magazine.  Mark brings a unique perspective to the table from his years of experience in social media programs back in the United States and his experiences as an expatriate here in Merida, Yucatan.  He serves as editor of the magazine as well as the primary author of many of our articles.

Mark, together with all members of the Yucatan Compass Consulting team, seeks to help foreign residents and investors adjust to their new lives in the region.  The main focus of the magazine is connecting expatriates to the community so they can enrich their everyday experiences here.  While you can expect to see articles related to the technical aspects of moving to Yucatan you can also expect to see articles about culture, food, art, travel, and just about any other topic of interest to readers who were not born in the region but want to deepen their ties with it.

You may be asking yourself, “Where can I find this magazine?”  This is a good question.  At this point we are only publishing our articles online.  As we grow we hope to offer a print version.  For now we invite you to take a look around and “flip” through our online pages.

If you have any questions about topics we address in our articles, the site, Yucatan Compass Consulting or about the region we encourage you to reach out to us.

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