Yucatan Expatriate News: Increased security for Merida’s public gathering places

Yucatan Compass Consulting Magazine strives to provide useful content that the expatriate community in Yucatan, Mexico can use to enrich their everyday lives here.  You might not be aware that the Yucatan Compass Consulting web site also provides news and updates with the same purpose in mind.  Take a look at one of the articles of interest to our expatriate neighbors below.  

Golden Island Casino, located in Merida's north side, is an example of a public gathering place the city looks to impact with increased safety regulations

New Policies Look to Increase Security in Merida’s Public Gathering Places

The news of the tragedy at the Casino Royale in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon this August brought international attention to safety in public gathering places here in Mexico.  Residents of Yucatan typically enjoy a higher level of safety and security in public gathering places than many other regions of the country.  Overall, Yucatan has been identified as one of the safest places in North America.  Still- it is important to reflect on events like this to ensure that safety continues to remain a top priority.

It is for this reason that a new wave of regulations have been proposed by Merida’s Mayor to maintain the highest levels of safety for residents who gather in public places like restaurants, hotels, convention centers, stadiums, nightclubs, bars and casinos.  The new regulations build on existing policies already in effect.  The focus of the new policies involve ensuring security employees are properly trained, maintaining fire extinguishers in easy to find locations and maintaining emergency exits that are functional, properly labeled and easy to find.

Find out about the changes in policy, how the policies will be enforced and what motivated the change in the Yucatan Compass Consulting article here.  

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