Yucatan Expatriate News

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Yucatan Compass Consulting Magazine strives to provide useful content that the expatriate community in Yucatan, Mexico can use to enrich their everyday lives.   We look to provide an outlet for news that will impact our foreign neighbors through a new series called “Yucatan Expatriate News.”

We will do our absolute best to keep an eye out for news that impacts the expatriate community.  At the same time we recognize that we can’t be everywhere news is happening all the time.  That’s where you come in.  We  invite you to reach out to us to report on a topic of particular interest to you.  You can submit a story idea, event information you would like to share or links to similar stories on our “Contact Us” page.

To read stories included in Yucatan Compass Consulting Magazine’s “Yucatan Expatriate News” series click here.

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