Yucatan Top Five: Taqueras in Merida

Fraccionamiento Francisco de Montejo is famous for tacos from other regions in Mexico. This is a taqueria on "taco road," Calle 42. This street comes alive with sights and smells every night. Before trying tacos made from tongue or cheek (not a joke- these are real authentic taco meat options) try the options below.

The following post is part of our “Yucatan Top Five” series where we look to share our favorite things to experience in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.  These posts are written from a local perspective so that new residents have a jump start on the “ins and outs” of their new environment. 

Before you read more about the best tacos in Merida, Yucatan you might want to get some background on the subject.  This is especially important for those novice Mexican foodies out there.  Check out the “Everything Yucatan: Tacos” article here.  You can then follow the link back to this article. 

Yucatan Compass Consulting’s Diana Gonzalez is at it again!  She has put together her top five taqueras in Merida as a starting point for those exploring tacos beyond what they know of fast food chains and store-bought hard-shell taco kits.  There are countless varieties of tacos available on the streets of Merida- or any other Mexican city for that matter.  This list is meant as a starting point so that readers can begin an adventure in local cuisine.  Diana should know about local cuisine as she has lived in Yucatan all her life, minus a few months where she studied language abroad in Europe. 

If you want to learn more about Diana and the Yucatan Compass Consulting team please click here. 

You can email her directly for more information about tacos or just about anything else related to living and doing business in the Yucatan Peninsula at diana@yucatancompass.com.

Los Taquitos de PM

This taqueria is my personal favorite.  A friend’s parents own the place but that is not the reason why I love it.

Your memorable experience starts when you first sit down.  They serve you delicious beans with freshly fried tortilla chips while you order and wait for your food to arrive at the table.  There are several menu options to choose from here.  The specialties, as far as I am concerned, are Nachos de Pastor, Beef Tacos and the exquisite Frances Suizo.  I like the last dish as it is not made with tortilla but with a home-made baguette, beans, guacamole, cheese and any other meat listen in the menu.

This is not the cheapest option on my list of favorite taquerias in Merida but it is one of the best.  You will agree with me after the first bite of your entrée.  You will also enjoy the very attentive staff members, high quality service and first rate facilities.

You can find Los Taquitos de PM on Paseo de Montejo, Francisco de Montejo, Residencial Pensiones and at the food court at Plaza Galerias.

Click here to visit the Los Taquitos de PM web site. 

Los Trompos recently opened its newest location in Fraccionamiento Francisco de Montejo. (image courtesy of the Los Trompos web site)

Los Trompos

This restaurant started as a small food retailer in the food court of the Gran Plaza shopping mall.  It was such a success that the restaurant has expanded to a total of 15, mostly full service restaurants all over Merida.  The newest restaurant opened in Fraccionamiento Francisco de Montejo in August.

The secret of this local chain of restaurants is the high quality of its dishes at a fair price.  If you drive by one of their locations in the evening you will see that they are packed inside and on their patios with a combination of local residents and tourists alike.  The “must try” specialties of Los Trompos are: tacos al pastor, stuffed potatoes and the delicious pizza de pastor (pizza with al pastor meat and pineapple).

They are open primarily for dinner and late night service including full bars at their freestanding locations.  They have eight full service locations in Centro and other colonias in Merida.  You can enjoy their fare during the days at Plaza Dorada, Plaza Sendero, Gran Plaza, Plaza las Americas, Macroplaza and Plaza Fiesta.  If you find yourself sunbathing or dancing the night away on the beach during the summer season you can find locations in Xmatkuil and Chicxulub as well.

Visit the Los Trompos web site here.

La Parrilla

La Parrilla is the most traditional taqueria in Merida.  It’s been open since 1975 and has reigned as a “must visit” restaurant in the area for visitors from all over the world.  They have full service locations in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Campeche and, of course, Merida.  Besides good tacos, La Parrilla offers a Mexican Buffet everyday from 1 to 6 pm.  It also has a patio where you can enjoy Comedy Night every Thursday and live Trova music Fridays and Saturdays.  My favorite dishes at La Parrilla are: arraqueso (arrachera tacos with cheese), queso frito (fried cheese) and for dessert- delicious crepes with caramel made tableside (it is quite a show).

La Parrilla is located on Prolongacion Paseo de Montejo in Colonia Mexico.  You can enjoy this great restaurant for lunch and dinner as it is open from noon-midnight Monday through Friday.  They open for breakfast on Saturday and Sunday at 9 am.

Visit the La Parrilla web site here for more information.


For visitors and our recently relocated neighbors from foreign lands the first glimpse at my next top pick for tacos in Merida might not be quite what they expect.  It is, however, a typical Yucatecan taqueria in appearance.  The food, however, is far beyond typical.

Cacique is a taqueria that local residents might call a “changarro.”  This is a Spanish term that literally means “small shop.”  It also implies that the establishment is very informal and inexpensive.  If you are a connoisseur of good tacos you know that this type of restaurant is likely the place to find the best food around!  All forms of “changarro” fit in the description of Cacique- it is informal, delicious and a real bargain.

I think that the best tacos al pastor in Merida are from Cacique.  The best dishes (other than tacos al pastor) to try at Cacique are: nachos de pastor, torta de pastor with cheese and burro de pastor (like a giant taco).  Don’t forget to ask for their delicious garlic sauce and amazing grilled onions!

You can find Cacique on Prolongacion Paseo de Montejo to dine in but now it’s so famous they have two or three establishments just for delivery.

Click here to find Cacique on Google Maps. 

El Fogoncito is a great place to enjoy central Mexico flavors in Merida, Yucatan. (photo courtesy of José Manuel Repetto)

El Fogoncito

El Fogoncito is the newest of the 5 restaurants I’m recommending.  If you are looking to experience authentic flavors from the center of Mexico this is the place to go.  It is a franchise of a restaurant that has been popular in Mexico City for over thirty years.

There are many good dishes to try.  My favorites are El Fogoncitos´s specialties: parrillada fogoncito (one of each: chicken and onion, beef meat steak, smoked rib, pastor, half quesadilla and one more with chorizo) and que me ves (a delicious beef steak, with a reach combination of pastor meat and great Gouda cheese).

El Fogoncito is located on Prolongación Paseo Montejo at calle 7 in Colonia Campestre.  They are open from 1 pm- 1 am daily.

Click here to find El Fogoncito on Google Maps.

What do you think about our list?  It is meant as a “starter” list for novice taco eaters.   Do you have a favorite taquera that is not listed here?  Where do you recommend folks to eat if they want to be a little more adventurous?  We welcome you to comment below or comment on our Facebook page or Twitter feed.      

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