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Welcome to Merida! Plaza Principal in Centro- Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

We designed this online magazine with one purpose in mind- helping those interested in living and investing in the area.  We hope to live up to that purpose with thoughtful and original content that you will not find anywhere else.  We have done our best to create categories for our articles that our readers are likely to connect to as they make the transition from “Yucatan dreamer” to seasoned resident.  Don’t think that this means we have to stay within those constraints.  As we grow and share more information with readers we hope our readers do the same with us.  Hopefully this will include feedback that will lead to stories that may not fit into any one, pre-identified category.

These stories are “Feature” articles that we want to showcase and make it easy for folks to find them.  We will strive to make these articles relevant and personal.  In fact, many of them will include personal insights from local residents who want to offer their perspective and advice as they made the same journey our readers are embarking.

If you have a recommendation for an article or have insight on someone we should talk to in order to gain a better understanding on an important local issue please share it with us!  You can post your ideas here, share them on our Facebook page, or email us.

In the meantime, we are happy you are here and welcome you to the neighborhood!

It is nice to meet you… Es un placer conocerte… Hach ki’imak in wo’ol in kaholtikech…

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